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Our Vision

Once upon a time

It's 2001 fast and the furious has just released, all car manufacturers are competing to build the best performance car, your local car scene is thriving, the police and car enthusiasts somewhat get along.
From lumpy old school v8s to underglow imports we appreciate it all, from tōge, wangan highway to running some chap laps, to packed track days.
Where has time gone?

Our vision as is simple, bring back these times.
Over the last decade theirs no doubt the car scene and enthusiasts have faced setbacks, from the discontinuation of many performance cars, decreasing amount of manual transmissions to the laws and authorities forming a rivalry with enthusiasts.

Sunken co will never let car culture die, we as a collective will bring back the glory days so much so we wont refer to them as "the days" but present time instead.
We need some solidarity as enthusiasts, long live car culture.

Vision: About

Some Areas We Are Focusing on 



Car clubs, meets, cruises, competitions, racing, you name it
Whether it's a cruise to the kebab, sushi, burger shop at 12am or a 3 day festival we want the scene to thrive so not one enthusiast is bored on a weekend.


Law Enforcement

Over time law enforcement especially in Australia has taken a negative stance on the car scene, we want to change this, not all police are bad, but the only way we can change our stigma is with petitions and pledges across the world, if this still doesn't work them stuff it, have some solidarity, clear the defect and come out next weekend.
It is the fear of getting defected or fined that makes them win and the car scene lose. 

In saying this in no way does Sunken support irresponsible driving and risking other lives on the road.



Research n Development, at Sunken we want to provide a platform for enthusiasts to source worthy information and advice on anything motor related, shop recommendations, collaborations, exclusive discounts are something we are working on turning into a reality, like the old forum days.



This is our big picture, if Sunken takes off  we want to manufacture parts that the car and bike people want, again this is our big picture is for now, we need the support from you enthusiasts first, spread the word with your mates, slap on a sticker or head to our shop any purchase helps!

Vision: Brands
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